Affordable Bamboo Underwear

Struggling to find comfortable underwear that look flattering while ensuring a nice snug fit? We know exactly why!

From cotton high-rise underwear to a synthetic seamless G-string, underwear comes in a variety of fabrics and cuts that can affect the way we look and feel. When it comes to choosing underwear that is right for your body, here’s our top things to consider when making your next purchase:

Go loose!

Despite the obvious fact that tight underwear don't look flattering and often show the lumps and bumps we so desperately try to hide, tight underwear also introduce an array of health concerns. They promote skin chafing, irritation and infection, particularly in women. We recommend tossing the uncomfortably tight briefs in exchange for a comfortable loose alternative.

Choose antibacterial fabrics  

With a bunch of different fabrics available, it’s often hard to know what’s good for your body and what could potentially harm or irritate your skin. At Bamboo Bits, we offer bamboo underwear that boast antibacterial properties. What does this mean for your body? Antibacterial properties help to prevent odour in the places we need it most.

Breathability is a must

Ladies, we know you love your silk lingerie, but just remember it does come at a cost – your body struggles to breathe properly. But no need to fret, our bamboo underwear promises the same feel as silk, with breathable properties to ensure consistent airflow. Where possible, try to stay away from synthetic fabrics, which are more likely to retain moisture and increase your chances of a yeast or bacterial infection.   

We know you’ve heard it all before, but bamboo is among the most comfortable and rewarding fabrics on the market, particularly when it comes to underwear. At bamboo bits, our affordable bamboo underwear is hypoallergenic, breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and not to mention stylish. Designed to suit all body shapes and sizes, our affordable bamboo underwear come in a range of shapes and colours to suit all personal preferences. Be sure to check out our bamboo underwear range for yourself!