Buy Bamboo Activewear Online

If your sporting wear is struggling to keep up with your active lifestyle, we might be able to tell you why!

From shrinking to retaining odour and losing shape, there’s no denying that workout clothing never quite feels the same as the first time you tried it on. When it comes to finding the right activewear, what we really want is premium quality clothing that promises comfort and durability, without leaving us out of pocket. Unlike most fabrics on the market, bamboo offers exactly that. As an incredible natural resource, we recommend buying bamboo activewear online, for those times when you just can’t go without additional support and comfort. 

At Bamboo Bits, we stock an extensive range of exercise socks, singlets, t-shirts and pants that will revolutionise the way you approach fitness. Boasting an array of benefits for your skin and the longevity of your clothing, here’s why you should switch to the natural alternatives and buy bamboo activewear online at Bamboo Bits:

Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial

Tired of getting that irritating itch mid-run? Bamboo clothing is hypoallergenic, meaning it is the ultimate natural solution for those with sensitive skin. If like many of us, you suffer from skin irritation, it’s important to invest in quality clothing. When we perspire, bacteria often get trapped in the fibres of standard synthetic gym clothing, which can result in bacteria growth and nasty odours that not even a washing machine can eliminate. Unlike synthetic materials, bamboo is naturally anti-fungal and antibacterial, which makes it the perfect choice for those with sensitive skin!


Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one suffering from smelly activewear. While most fabrics are prone to retaining odour from the minute you perspire, the antibacterial properties of bamboo mean your bamboo activewear won’t hold odour.  Feel fresh, clean and protected all day long when you buy bamboo activewear online at Bamboo Bits.


Whether you live in the tropics or the snow, our bamboo activewear is thermo-regulating and comfortable whatever the temperature. With natural thermo-regulating properties that allow you to stay warm in cold weather and cool in warm weather, bamboo fabric makes the perfect workout companion, ensuring you never feel uncomfortable and unprotected. No need for multiple layers or to strip down, our bamboo clothing is all you need. For activewear that offers the highest level of breathability and comfort, buy our bamboo activewear online.

Highly absorbent

Even when exerting our bodies, no one particularly likes the appearance of being hot and sweaty. Thankfully bamboo fabric is extremely absorbent and helps to draw moisture away from your body, allowing your skin to breathe as you work up a sweat. In fact, did you know that bamboo fabric is far more absorbent than cotton


Above all else, bamboo is known most for its durability. When used as a fabric, bamboo clothing is extremely durable, anti-static and colour fasting, which helps to retain its shape and colour for much longer than other fabrics, such as cotton. No need to worry about those gym clothes shrinking or losing elasticity, they’ll feel brand new all year round.

When it comes to supreme quality, durable and comfortable activewear, there really is no better choice than bamboo. Say goodbye to shapeless tops and worn-down socks, and stock up on bamboo bits bamboo activewear online today.