Bamboo Socks Benefits

The durable nature of bamboo means it is perfect for equestrian gear and clothing, but did you know it is also incredibly useful for socks? Bamboo sock benefits include maintaining foot odour during your regular workout, as well as throughout your day. The natural properties of bamboo-fabric means it now carries the antibacterial properties of the bamboo plant, once processed into material. These antibacterial agents can help manage odour-causing bacteria – meaning bamboo socks can help you manage the bad odour your feet omit.

Another bamboo sock benefit is that the natural properties of the fibre are a lot friendlier on the wearer’s skin. Oftentimes it has been observed that skin irritations and rashes are drastically reduced. Perfect if you’re wearing you socks all day and every day. Bamboo Bits offer a range of bamboo-based socks suitable for work, gym or casual wear – giving you ease of mind throughout all your day-to-day activities.

Moreover, bamboo socks benefit the environment as well as your everyday lifestyle. They use fewer chemicals during the processing phase, and use absolutely no fertilisers or chemicals when farming. Help yourself and help the environment, all in one!