Antibacterial Properties of Bamboo

What if we told you, smelly feet and those body odours that cling to clothing can be a thing of the past? Bamboo fabric is your answer!

Bamboo has the unique attribute of having a number of powerful antibacterial properties which have been vital to ensuring its longevity in nature and impressive regenerative abilities. When bacteria tries to embed and grow on the fibers, the natural resistance of a unique antimicrobial agent called ‘bamboo kun’ fight the bacteria, protecting the fiber keeping it sterile and fresh.

These antibacterial properties of bamboo are preserved in the fibers through the extracting process meaning they are already predisposed to fight bacteria; while you are enjoying the added comfort and durability of the bamboo textile. Bamboo products maintain this property well into their life time, wash after wash, leaving you worry free. Another great benefit of this naturally occurring phenomenon is the risk of skin irritations and rashes are drastically reduced in comparison to other chemically based alternatives.

If you are yet to make the switch to environmentally-friendly and antibacterial bamboo products, give us a call for more information our check out our great range online.