What Causes Body Odour?

Body odour is a naturally occurring bodily process that in most cases produces an unpleasant smell which is given off when the sweat and dead skin cells we produce are broken down by bacteria on the skin. People of various dispositions may be more subject to severe body odour, but it is part of healthy everyday life for all humans.

Due to the lasting natural antibacterial properties, breathability and high absorbency of bamboo fibres, our quality bamboo products such as shirts, underwear and socks can actually help to prevent strong and smelly body odour.

The absorbency of bamboo fibers wick moisture away from the skin, which is hugely beneficial as bacteria generally seeks out moisture, which is why people tend to find smelly feet to be a problem. The naturally occurring antibacterial properties of bamboo fibers known as ‘bamboo kun’ fights the bacteria on the skin, keeping the smell production to a minimum.

For those who struggle with embarrassing body odour, or looking for a more comfortable and breathable option for every day clothing, why not try our incredible bamboo products? We are certain that these products can help all body odour conditions.

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