Bamboo Socks - Solution to Smelly Feet

Are you tormented daily by a funky case of smelly feet? Many silent sufferers try all sorts of remedies to find the solution to smelly feet but the odour generally returns with a vengeance, this is because the solutions are temporary fad-type experiments where no real lifestyle change is made. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go on a drastic diet plan nor do you need to take a visit to a specialist. The only change you have to make is a simple switch of socks.

Bamboo Bits have a range of bamboo fiber fabric socks for work, business, casual, and sports, that absorb the sweat from your skin immediately. Bamboo fiber fabric naturally contains a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property making it the perfect solution to smelly feet. This property found on bamboo is called “bamboo kun”- an agent that resists pest and fungi attacks on the plant, and now your socks!

Body odour is a natural part of living and you don’t need to be embarrassed by it - just be in control. Bacteria that lives on the sweat and dead skin cells that are exuded from our feet can be combated with the use of bamboo fiber socks – bamboo kun acts like a strong repellent to bacteria, which doesn’t attach itself to the material of your bamboo socks.

Bamboo Bits have helped customers limit their condition through wearing their bamboo fiber socks. You can wear them for longer than normal socks, prevent the unpleasant odours, and enjoy the relief they have to your sensitive skin.

How do bamboo socks prevent odours?

Bamboo fiber is made from bamboo timber that has matured in the forest for up to four years. Once harvested it’s taken to mills to be crushed and immersed in sodium hydroxide solution to dissolve the cellulose fiber (removing these fibers enables the socks to be soft, and absorbent for both moisture and colour dying).

Carbon disulfide is added to the mix to regenerate fibers from the bamboo timber that are then able to be drawn off, washed, bleached, and dried. The fluff that results from this process is very long, strong, and fine that give bamboo fabrics:

  • Yarn that is both tough and soft which results in its excellent durability
  • Hollowness which contributes to the high level of absorbency and also holds dye and pigments more permanently
  • Colour-fast materials that dries slower but are less water washed
  • Insulating effects that make them highly breathable during warm summer temperatures, and considerably warmer in the cold.

This is why it is ideal for all areas of the body that produce excessive sweat. Bamboo Bits offer a wide range of bamboo clothing from singlets, underwear, t-shirts, towels, and exercise cloths.