Bamboo Sustainability

A great question many people ask, is why choose bamboo? The beauty of bamboo is that it is a highly sustainable, natural option that is environmentally friendly, particularly in comparison to many other synthetic materials. The reason behind bamboo’s sustainability come from the interesting fact that bamboo stalks are technically classed as grass, and is a fast growing plant that literally regenerates itself.

Simply put, when bamboo is cut down, the roots below remain and can grow brand new culms, meaning the same plant can be harvested over and over again. Not only does bamboo grow rapidly, it is also resistant to pests, which means bamboo does not require pesticides, making it a safer and low maintenance option for your family.

Other clothing textiles, even natural ones such as wool are still remain more costly to produce and manufacturer. Overall, the key to bamboo sustainability is the fast growth, regeneration, and reduction of environmental toxins.

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