Bamboo Charcoal Circulation Health Socks

Bamboo charcoal circulation health socks are the new revolutionary products that have been proven to provide incredible health benefits for the wearer. If you are diabetic, suffer from poor circulation or other certain health conditions it 

could be time to make the switch from regular socks and discover the healing benefits for yourself.

Along with industrial uses, activated charcoal has been renowned for its ability to filter, purify and absorb toxins. Bamboo charcoal is created by heating bamboo to temperatures of up to 800 degrees and then processing and intertwining the charcoal into the fabric. This process takes advantage of the ever increasing knowledge in the field of nanotechnology.

Bamboo charcoal textiles have the ability to absorb and emit far-infrared rays which can activate water through the cell membrane, increasing blood oxygenation, improving blood circulation and assisting in enhancing overall inner body health. Cushioning in the heel and ball of the foot, the arch support reduces the amount of fatigue often experienced when standing for long periods of time, in addition to the loosely fitting top hem. The charcoal fibre technology is featured in the grey portion of the sole, toe and heel area of all our health socks, specifically designed to benefit sufferers of diabetes or other circulatory problems, which are continually on the rise.


Benefits of bamboo charcoal circulation health socks include:

  • Anti-bacterial properties; reduces risks of bacteria, infection and eliminates unpleasant foot odours.
  • Aids circulation; the charcoal textile assists with heat preservation and peripheral blood flow.
  • High absorbency and breathability; the ability to dry out or retain moisture depending on the humidity levels.
  • Hypo allergenic; the natural fibres are grown without pesticides, are gentle on the skin and reduce potential irritations or reactions.
  • Strength and durability; bamboo fibres are incredibility strong, colourfast, retain their shape, and won’t shrink in the wash.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable; bamboo is a rapidly growing plant with regenerative properties meaning less resources and chemicals are required to produce these high quality, biodegradable products.
  • Bamboo health socks are available in a collection of styles and colours which are great for people who struggle to find versatility in health sock ranges.

Considerate foot care is essential to the overall treatment of diabetes, poor circulation and sensitive skin conditions. Now you enjoy superior comfort while reaping the extensive health benefits with our bamboo charcoal circulation health socks.

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