Let's Chat About Bamboo

If you haven’t heard about the exceptional nature of bamboo and why it’s quickly becoming a household favourite, from towels and bed linen to comfortable bamboo clothing and socks, you’re about to find out why. If you’ve stayed on top of our other blog posts, you’re likely well aware of the many benefits and positive properties bamboo has to offer, and here’s a closer look as to why:


The bamboo plant itself is among the fastest growing plants in the world, often reaching 35 metres, and requires less water and no pesticides to assist in growth. Bamboo is an extremely self-sufficient plant, particularly in comparison to cotton, which uses 2.5% of the earth’s cultivated land and 16% of the world’s insecticides to flourish. In contrast to this, the amount of bamboo produced per square metre exceeds cotton by up to 60 times, making it a far more environmentally friendly option.

Moisture Wicking & Breathable

If you’re someone who naturally suffers from hyper-sensitive or irritable skin, bamboo fabric is the perfect solution for you. Bamboo offers naturally breathable and thermo-regulating properties, which allow it to wick moisture away from the skin. As trapped moisture accounts for a number of skin and bacterial infections, bamboo fabric helps to minimise risk. Likewise, it also promises natural antibacterial properties which pass from the bamboo plant to the fabric, that allow it to withstand and kill bacteria before entering the body.

Thermo-regulating & UV Protection

Did you know that bamboo plants have the ability to keep themselves cool in the heat and warm during cooler months? And believe it or not, much like these natural properties, bamboo fabric can offer the same. Bamboo fibre has a cross-section which is covered with micro-gaps. This allows the fabric to have better moisture absorption and breathability. What does this mean? Well, for anyone wearing bamboo, you’ll be able to stay almost 2 degrees cooler during summer. In addition to this insanely cool fact, bamboo fabric also provides UV protection, with studies demonstrating that it has the ability to cut out 98% of harmful UV rays. Our comfortable bamboo clothing doesn’t just look nice, it’s got a bunch of awesome natural properties to keep your skin feeling fresh and protected all day long.

Gone are the days where you need to compromise style for comfort or performance. Our comfortable bamboo clothing offers the best of both worlds, when you need it most. From underwear and socks to yoga tights, t-shirts, dresses and polos, we’ve got your everyday fashion covered at Bamboo Bits.