Bamboo Bath Towels

The average homeowner doesn’t put a great deal of thought into purchasing new bath towels, right?

From colour and size to cost, we rarely look past the visual aesthetics and savings. However, there are is a lot more to bath towels than simply adding a dash of colour to your bathroom, especially when you invest in bamboo bath towels. And here’s our 4 favourite reasons why you should go the extra mile and switch to bamboo bath towels:


Uncompromising plushness means incomparable comfort. Did you know that bamboo fabric is said to have a similar feel and softness to that of silk, but without the jaw-dropping price tag? As a much plusher alternative to standard cotton, bamboo towels are one of the most popular options on the market for those wanting that little bit of extra bounce and luxury. Our skin is our body’s largest organ, so why shouldn’t we spoil it?

Highly Absorbent

Much like all bamboo products, bamboo towels also share the same highly-absorbent properties that make the natural resource such a household must-have. As a natural fibre, bamboo is far superior to other materials when it comes to retaining moisture. The bamboo plant, in its natural state, is able to hold up to three times its weight in water. These properties also translate into textile form. Bamboo fabric wicks moisture away from the skin and evaporates it. Whether it’s sweat or water, bamboo bath towels are your go to option for high-absorbency.


The bamboo plant has natural hypoallergenic properties, which means it requires no chemicals to assist in the growth phase. Unlike most other materials that require fertilisers and chemicals to ensure optimal growth, bamboo naturally thrives on its own and as a result, bamboo fabric doesn’t contain skin-irritating toxins.


Did you know that our bath towels are a breeding ground for bacteria? However, not bamboo bath towels. In addition to being hypoallergenic, the bamboo plant also has natural antibacterial properties, which are passed onto the fabric. Bamboo does not carry lanolin, which is a leading contributor to allergic reactions. If you’re looking for a towel that rejects bacteria, mould and mildew, bamboo is the choice for you.

If you’re constantly replacing your bath towels or don’t feel that they are performing as you wish, make the switch to bamboo today to experience a luxurious towel, with the health benefits to match. Shop our range of bamboo towels today.