Extra-Long/Thick Work Socks

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Buy Bamboo Extra-Long/Thick Work Socks

For durable and long-wearing socks that won’t cost you the earth, Whether you’re stuck in an office or do manual labour, These Extra Long Thick Bamboo socks are designed to leave your feet feeling fresh and odourless, due to the anti-bacterial and antifungal properties known to bamboo. 

With highly resilient fibre that is breathable and gentle on the skin, you are guaranteed a product that is designed to last when you buy extra long work socks online. This is another great product that we sell from the Bamboo Textiles Australia Brand. 

These socks are the same quality as the Extra Thick Socks but in 3 yarn, so ¾ as thick. Ideal socks for gumboots, motorbike riding, skiing/ snowboarding or just keeping your feet warm. 

New design wider tighter top band which makes them stay up without cutting in.  

Made from 92% Bamboo 8% Elastane 

Care Instructions: 

Cold or warm machine wash 

Line dry inside out 

Warm tumble dry 

Do not iron or bleach